We offer a variety of solutions based off your           individual needs, so we can assist in short term or         long term contracts for ongoing services. We are        passionate about working with small established or       start up Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities     because often times they may not have the resources  to hire outside support to aid their vision in      comparison to large entities. With over 15 years of  working in large healthcare organizations we take        our skills from these settings and make them available to smaller facilities. Our passion is more about creating more smaller safe places where individuals can pursue the art of “well-BEing”, as experience shows not all individuals flourish in large communities. 


 Our Founder has an essentially deficiency free state  survey history in her career as a healthcare Administrator.  We teach you these best practices,        audit, create documents, educate and conduct staff observations/inspections to keep your facility survey    ready at all times. 


Dr. Atul Gawande states, well-being is defined as        "the reasons one wishes to be alive”. We believe in  incorporating the mantra “pursuing the art of              “well- BEing” in all aspects of managing a facility          from  staff, residents, family members, community      peers and visitors. We believe if you understand the individual reasons one wishes to be alive you have discovered how to connect and motivate them.  

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