Every adult is assumed to be capable of making his   or her own decisions unless a court determines otherwise. If an adult becomes incapable of making responsible decisions, the court will appoint a substitute decision maker, usually called a   "guardian". Guardianship is a legal relationship between a competent adult (the "guardian") and a person who because of incapacity is no longer able      to take care of his or her own affairs (the "ward").    The guardian can be authorized to make legal, financial, and health care decisions for the ward.  


Here at Ethos Lifecare Solutions, we turned our passion into our life’s work. While working in healthcare administration, our Founder              Catoura East, saw the rise in Professional Guardians facing litigation due to misappropriation of the  seniors assets. Ethos was born out of the need to place more people who have character to oversee   the health and financial well-being of vulnerable adults. In fact, when choosing the name of the company the Founder wanted a word that in her 15 plus years of experience her peers most often used    in describing her and that word was "character".


“Ethos” was specifically chosen as its meaning in Greek roughly translates to "moral character". As      an organization we employ passionate and moral people to provide Guardianship services to adults     18 years and older. 


Sometimes, Guardians do not have realistic expectations about care in facility settings, because they lack direct hands on experience. Because of     our Founders experience as a healthcare      Executive, we offer knowledgeable, yet realistic expectations    on collaborating with the facility in    the interest of the client.


Another approach of ours includes developing a   well-BEing strategy to address individual health     and financial needs. We believe there is an art to  well-BEing as it looks different on each person. Our Founder, saw how restricted individuals were in      their choices to prefer non-traditional approaches      to wellness through the lack of facility support and insurance coverage, and wanted to be a part of changing the social norms. We believe not        everyone wants to comply with our “pills and procedures’ culture for well-BEing so allow Ethos to advocate for you!

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