Is sticking your staff in front of a computer really effective training? Improve staff retention by    allowing us to provide personalized and relevant training to your team to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide well-being    in your organization. At Ethos Lifecare Solutions we offer personalized and relevant training that offers class room opportunity to foster relationships     among the participants. We bring the community experience to the class room as our trainers have hands on experience to make the training more relatable to attendees. We are your number one trainer for solutions to your training needs. 


Our roots lie in Senior Care, our Founder was sent     to provide staff training to other facilities while working for a  nationwide Senior Care corporation. Our Founder was often sent across the country because of the consistent feedback about her knowledge, passion, humor and relateability to     keep attendees engaged. When training she    noticed a lot of trainers were deemed "qualified"      to teach due to education rather than hands on experience, which separated her from most trainers who could only present facts and figures with little     to no practicability. Furthermore, with her     experience in having such a diverse group of       front-line employees she learned about their    different cultures and customs, thus making it      easier for her to be more relatable to diverse     groups. Along with adding lots of humor and interactive activities, Catoura was able to develop a training style that created a safe place that no     matter how old, young, experienced,                         in-experienced or cultural background,  attendees   felt a sense of connection to the material     presented, which translated into lasting skill    growth. 


We built a robust set of curriculums to support the customer journey in providing competency to healthcare in all healthcare settings.  


The great thing about a company that is passionate about educating and advocating for the art of                “well-being” is that we can create curriculums according to your individualized needs, so if a      training is not listed then we will design one that meets your needs. Below is a list of some classes      we will offer:


  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia 101, 102 and the annual update

  • Assisted Living Core for prospective Assisted Living Administrators

  • American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED for Adults, Children & Infants

  • Assistance with Medication Administration

  • Communicating with the Cognitively Impaired

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Food Safety in Residential Care

  • Monitoring Residents for Changes In Conditions

  • Psychosocial Needs of The Elderly


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