Ethos Lifecare Solutions passion is to especially advocate and educate for those with non-traditional health practices. We believe there is an art to well-being as it looks different on each person. Well-being as defined by Dr. Atul Gawande is about “the reasons one wishes to be alive”. We want to be a part of assisting you or your loved one in their individualized journey.


Think of a Care Manager as a paid family member. As a    prior Executive Director of a senior care facility we provide    a unique "behind the scene" perspective, while honoring non-traditional wellness choices like Reiki, raw diets, herbs etc. When it comes to making senior care decisions for a loved one, families may be intimidated by researching and trying to understand which services their loved one needs, that’s where care managers can help!  We can present  a variety of options, helping families choose the plan that works best for their situation.


Because of our Founders experience, we offer knowledgeable, yet realistic expectations on collaborating with the facility in the interest of the client. 


​As Care Managers we have no emotional connections  or complicated family history to overcome. Our objectivity is valuable when it comes to navigating tough family conversations about a loved one, thus we can also assist with mediating.

Some examples of how we can serve families and facilities: 

  • Power of Attorney of Health/Finances

  • Healthcare Surrogate

  • Healthcare Proxy

  • Representative of an estate, or Trust Protector

  • Ongoing monitoring

  • Execute advanced directives

  • Transition services 

  • Hospital crisis management/ discharge plan

  • Coordination of care

  • Bill paying

  • Attendance at Physician appointments

  • Placement Services

  • Insurance and Benefit Assistance

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