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Hello and thank you for checking out Ethos Lifecare Solutions! We are so excited about this company because it is meant to give back to mankind. Let me introduce myself.......My name is Catoura East and October 2020 I started this company. I started it for 3 reasons.

After an awakening of a spiritual journey started in 2018 I really embraced some non-traditional wellness practices that in general my circle of friends and family thought were strange, heck I guess in the beginning I did to, but I couldn't deny it felt like home. I kept my spiritual practices a secret for a while out of fear of judgment because I was open to practicing things that sometimes come with a negative connotation like doing moon ceremonies, burning incense & sage, chanting, mantras, astrology, herbs, the magic of energy to heal, crystals, hypnosis, mental reprogramming through visualization and affirmation, connecting with my spirit and my ancestors and just many other non-traditional practices. I started studying all religions....Hindu, Buddhism, traditional African spiritualism and so forth. I realized these things transformed my wellness. So I was hooked! Eventually I became so comfortable I didn't care what others thought, because I know what it did for me. I think titles separate us, and "we are more alike than we are unalike" as Maya Angelou said. I therefore believe no religion is wrong as long as it makes you a better person and helps you give back to the world in a positive way. I take from all religions what my spirit connects with to be my highest and best self, so whatever works for you keep it up!

Well in working in healthcare during this journey I realized 3 things:

1. I had become a machine and it became about numbers as I climbed the corporate ladder and as I became privy to information at those levels I realized just how much healthcare, the thing I loved, my passion wasn't about wellness, but about profit and capitalizing on the people to stay sick so others could profit.

2. Secondly, residents that had non-traditional health practices were being shunned by facilities and insurance companies and not allowed to use these methods that they believed in. As an Administrator I was forced to tell these residents I couldn't honor these holistic practices, but rather they had to comply with our "pill and procedure" society to remain a resident. I struggled, because I didn't' even agree with it. I too realized one day I would be older and want to be allowed to practice the holistic rituals that brought wellbeing to me.

3. Thirdly, integrity, I don't use this word lightly at all, nor do I imply I was a "trouble maker. I am actually very compliant and essentially a rule follower, as long as its ethical, fair and consistent. In my career I grew into the executive people came to and trusted for things to be done without favoritism, ignorance, racism and any other reasons things are not fair and consistent. From staff to vendors I became the trusted one. I knew my standing up for fairness and consistency would cost me, but I didn't care, because my soul could only rest knowing I didn't comply, no matter how much money was involved. To this day this is one of the most proudest moments of my career. People trusting me, my guidance, my actions because they know I will stand for what's right and not be influenced by outside influences makes my soul well. People knowing I will treat them with all the goodness of my heart despite race, religion, background, past experiences, gender, economic status and so forth is what I am proud to live for and I trust the Universe has my back during all of this because I'm spreading good vibes!

So again welcome and if our services fit your needs please reach out to us so we can work together for the betterment of mankind!

Wishing you wellness and light!


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